Digital Landscape Architecture Conference DLA 2024

Virtual Hybrid, June 5 -7 2024 in Vienna

New Trajectories in Computational Urban Landscapes & Ecology

Welcome at DLA 2024!

Special thanks to all who participated live and online in the DLA Conference 2024 at TU Wien!
You turned the conference into such a lively, inspiring and future-oriented exchange!

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Announcing the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference 2024: Exploring New Trajectories in Computational Urban Landscapes & Ecology

We are delighted to announce the upcoming Digital Landscape Architecture Conference 2024 at TU Wien!

New Trajectories in Computational Urban Landscapes & Ecology

As our world experiences escalating interconnectivity and digital evolution, this conference aims to unveil transformative shifts in our approaches to urban landscapes and ecosystems.

Guided by the theme „New Trajectories in Computational Urban Landscapes & Ecology,“ we invite researchers, practitioners, and experts across various disciplines to share their insights and discuss research findings. 

The conference aims to explore the fusion of advanced computational techniques with ecological principles. 

This endeavor seeks to foster innovative discussions that contribute to the evolution of various fields, such as landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture, and ecology, thereby offering insights into potential advancements and collaborations that shape more sustainable and livable urban environments. Central to the conference theme is the exploration of the dynamic interplay between advanced computational techniques, data-driven design, and the intricate dynamics of urban ecosystems. By probing into this intersection, the conference endeavors to provide novel insights and methodologies that align technological innovation with the intricate needs of the natural environment.

The DLA 2024 is jointly organized by:

Research Department of Digital Architecture & Planning, TU Wien
Prof. Arch. DI Michael Hensel | Stefanie Tischberger

Research Department of Landscape Architecture & Landscape Planning, TU Wien
Prof. Dr. sc. Susann Ahn | Prof. Dr.-ing. Thomas E. Hauck | Dr. Boris Salak

Image Source: Peter Haas / CC BY-SA 3.0 WikiCommons

Important Dates

Join us at the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference 2024 and be a driving force in reshaping our urban environments for a sustainable future.

Save the Date: June 5 – 7, 2024 at TU Wien (address: Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, Austria.

What to Expect

Generative Design: Delve into the realm of computational design tools that empower architects, urban planners, and ecologists to collaboratively craft landscapes that strike a balance between aesthetics and ecological resilience, nurturing urban ecosystems.

Data-Driven Design and Modeling: Explore the pivotal role of data in informing design decisions across various disciplines, including landscape architecture, urban planning, and ecology. Gain insights into leveraging data for innovative design approaches that align with the needs of ecosystems and communities.

Urban Biodiversity: Delve into how technology can be harnessed to augment and sustain urban biodiversity, fostering a dynamic relationship between urban areas and the ecosystems they encapsulate.

Smart Cities and Green Infrastructure: Investigate how smart technologies can contribute to the development of sustainable, resource-efficient urban environments, emphasizing the well-being of both residents and ecosystems.

Modeling and Simulation: Experience the significance of modeling and simulation in predicting the outcomes of design choices on urban ecosystems. Experts will illustrate how these tools aid in constructing adaptable, resilient landscapes.

Who Should Attend?

The Digital Landscape Architecture Conference 2024 extends its embrace to landscape architects, urban planners, architects, ecologists, researchers, and technologists alike. This inclusive platform offers an opportunity for experts and newcomers to explore insightful perspectives, forge connections, and derive inspiration from the converging realms of technology and ecosystems in urban contexts.

Embark on this enriching journey that reshapes our understanding and strategies for coexistence with urban landscapes and ecosystems. Stay attuned for updates on keynote speakers, session specifics, and registration details. Together, let us mold a future where computational ingenuity, data-driven methodologies, and ecological mindfulness meld seamlessly, creating urban environments that stand as exemplars of sustainability, vibrancy, and ecological equilibrium.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference 2024!

Join us at the DLA 2024!

Save the Date: June 5 – 7, 2024

Location: TU Wien (Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna)

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