Digital Landscape Architecture Conference DLA 2024

Virtual Hybrid, June 5 -7 2024 in Vienna

New Trajectories in Computational Urban Landscapes & Ecology

DLA Conference Series

The annual international Digital Landscape Architecture DLA addresses all aspects of digital technologies, applications, information, and knowledge based on research, education, and practice pertaining to landscape architecture and related fields. While the conference is frequently hosted on the Anhalt University Campus adjacent to the Bauhaus World Heritage Site in Dessau; Germany or on the nearby campus in Bernburg, the DLA has also been hosted by landscape architecture faculties in Valletta, Zürich, Istanbul, Munich and Boston.

DLA Series website and information on former DLA Conferences:
DLA Conference Scientific Director: Prof. Erich Buhmann, Hochschule Anhalt

The next DLA 2024 will be hosted by TU Wien in Vienna.


DLA 2024 – Scientific Commitee and Organization

in alphabetical order

Bradley Cantrell

Susann Ahn, PhD

Professor of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning
TU Wien

Susann Ahn is a registered landscape architect, urban planner and licensed mediator. Since 2021 she holds the professorship for landscape architecture and landscape planning together with Thomas E. Hauck at the Institute for Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Design at TU Wien. She received her diploma from TU Munich and her PhD from ETH Zurich. Besides that, she is the founder of Ahn Landscape Mediation, a planning office specializing in the intersection of landscape architecture and communication. In her research, teaching, and practice, she is specialized in the nexus of landscape architecture and communication, particularly in participatory, conflict-resolving, and co-creative methods to foster integrated planning and design processes. In addition to her academic work, publications and design work, she is actively involved as an expert in public workshops, juries, and committees.



Pia Fricker

Thomas E. Hauck, PhD

Professor of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning
TU Wien

Thomas Hauck is a registered landscape architect. Professional training as a gardener at the HBLVA for horticulture in Vienna-Schönbrunn, followed by higher education in landscape and open space planning at the University of Hanover and at the Edinburgh Collage of Art. Ph.D. at TUM. Assistant professor at the TU Munich at the department of landscape architecture and public space. He founded the planning office Polinna Hauck Landscape+Urbanism with the urban planner Cordelia Polinna. He joined the FG Freiraumplanung at the University of Kassel as a research associate and since 2013 has been heading the research project Animal-Aided Design (AAD) together with Wolfgang Weisser, TUM, Chair for Terrestrial Ecology. The research project led to the spin-off of Studio Animal-Aided Design GmbH (SAAD). Together with Susann Ahn, he holds the professorship for landscape architecture and landscape planning at the Institute for Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Design at the TU Wien.



Michael U. Hensel, PhD

Professor of Digital Architecture and Planning
TU Wien

Michael U. Hensel is a registered architect. In the early 1990s he co-founded the pioneering practice OCEAN. Today he is partner in OCEAN Architecture | Environment. He is university professor at TU Wien where he leads the department for Digital Architecture and Planning, board member of the Centre for Geometry and Computational Design, and co-chair of the Special Interest Group Knowledge Discovery in Architecture – Addressing Complexity in Architecture and Planning at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. His work is interdisciplinary and located at the intersection of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, complexity science, environmental science, and data- and computer-science, focusing on questions of environment and sustainability at higher levels of complexity. He is book series editor of the Springer Nature series Designing Environments.


Boris Salak, PhD

Senior Researcher
TU Wien

Boris Salak is landscape researcher at TU Wien’s Research Unit for Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning, brings a rich background from his postdoctoral experience at the Swiss WSL research institution and academic roots at BOKU University, Vienna. Specializing in landscape research and the technology-driven evolution of socio-ecological systems, particularly in planning, Boris adopts a holistic view of landscapes as both physical and social entities. His work is marked by transdisciplinary collaboration, integrating diverse stakeholder views and employing advanced statistical and geo-spatial modeling techniques, such as Hybrid-choice and Marxan trade-off optimization modeling. As a member of the DLA24 Organizational Committee, Boris eagerly anticipates a pioneering conference in Vienna, showcasing the intersection of technical, societal, and ecological advancements in landscape architecture.



Stefanie Tischberger, Dipl.-Ing

TU Wien

Stefanie Tischberger is an architect, university assistant and doctoral candidate at the Department for Digital Architecture and Planning at Vienna University of Technology. Her research interests include environmentally conscious spatial planning and building design, with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her focus is on data-informed design and using data to develop and support individual decision-making processes. As part of the ECOLOPES project, she developed a weather-sensitive design for a kindergarten in Vienna using GIS analysis tools.



Scientific Board & Moderation

in alphabetical order

Katrin Hagen, Senior Scientist, TU WIEN
Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel, Ass. Prof. PhD, SEU
Bianca Pfanner, University assistant Dipl.-Ing., TU WIEN
Nikola Pohl, University assistant M.A., TU WIEN
Thomas Schauppenlehner, Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn., BOKU
Karolina Taczanowska, Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr., BOKU
Philipp RW Urech, Senior Researcher PhD, ETH Zürich
Matthias Vollmer, Ass. Prof. PhD, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Milica Vujovic, Ass. Prof. PhD, TU Wien


in alphabetical order

Bianca Braun, Office Management TU Wien
Arnold Faller, Senior Lecturer Dipl.-Ing. TU Wien
Sarita Holl, Student Assistant TU Wien
Amanda Immler, Tutor, BSc. TU Wien
Navid Javan Shojamofrad, Student Assistant, Bsc. TU Wien
Clara Kessler, Student Assistant, BSc. TU Wien
Dominik Schmidt, Student Assistant, BA. TU Wien
Gabriel Wurzer, Privatdoz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. TU Wien